Let’s Talk Karma

Repost from April 15, 2009
I tried to teach Jericho and Sadie about karma the other day. How if you do good things they come back to you, and if you do bad things they also come back to you. Simple premise, right?
Last night I took Jericho a drink of water after tucking him into bed. I asked him to save some so Sadie could have a drink as well. He looked at me, smiled, and drank the whole cup. I asked him why he did that because now Mommy has to go fill the cup again before going to Sadie’s room. He looked at me and said, “Sadie drank it all last night, so that’s karma, right?” And just now, I got up from the dining table where I was helping Sadie do her homework and didn’t push the chair back under the table, something I always tell the kids to do. Two minutes later, Kiefer crawls up into the chair and grabs candy out of his Easter basket. While doing this he manages to pull out a pack of Fun Dippers as well, leaving it too close to the edge of the table. Louie, our german shepherd/ lab mix, sees his chance, grabs the fun dippers, and proceeds to tear the bag into pieces, spreading a red kool aid type powder all over the carpet under the table. As I’m complaining to myself about leaving the chair out from under the table, and cleaning up the mess Sadie looks at me and says, “That’s karma, right Mommy?
Karma, I have a question for you – What did I ever do to you?

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