Three Little Words

Repost from November 19, 2009

Today I went shopping at Trader Joe’s and at check out they gave Kiefer a balloon. Orange – his favorite color. He was so happy! He held on tight to that balloon all the way out to the car. I tied the balloon to the shopping basket for good measure, and then began loading the car with groceries. Once the groceries were loaded I untied the balloon put it in the car and then snapped Kiefer into his car seat. Such an efficient Mommy.
We got in the car, I turned on the radio and we headed down the road. All the sudden a great song came on and I turned up the radio, opening the sun roof, rolling down Kiefer’s window, and the front passenger window.
I’m jamming to the music enjoying a Phoenix fall day when all of the sudden I see a flash, hear a muffled word, and then “Mommy” from the back seat. Kiefer had lost his balloon. Poor little guy! He wasn’t too upset, no tantrums or anything, but I felt so bad that I turned around and went back to Trader Joe’s to get him another one. We parked, walked in, and told them we’d had a “balloon incident”. They were wonderful and gave Kiefer another orange balloon.
I gave Kiefer his balloon and headed back to the car. He looked at the balloon, smiled and said “Sank you, Mommy” (emphasis on the Mo). So sweet…my heart melted. One of these days a balloon won’t be enough to make him happy, but today it did.
So, that’s my story for the day – no moral, no reason, just wanted to share.

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