Feed The Zhu Zhu Pet Please

Repost from July 22, 2010

I was working at my computer yesterday when Kiefer came up and started telling me all about the Zhu Zhu pet he was playing with…I was only half listening so when he said, “zhu zhu pet hungry.” I answered, “well you better go feed him then.”
10 minutes later Jericho comes running in from the garage telling me that Kiefer has been playing in the dog food and has made a huge mess, and Kiefer darts around Jericho’s leg, crawling under the dining room table.
While I’m out in the garage cleaning up the mess, I glance over at the shelf where the dog food sits and there is the zhu zhu pet Kiefer had been playing with…apparently he was trying to feed him. I couldn’t help but laugh. Moral: Be careful what you say. Little ears really are listening.

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