Coping Skills

It’s been a crazy few months and lately I’ve taken up meditation, yoga, and reading about Buddhism. It’s just one of my many forays into figuring out who the hell I am and how I plan on surviving the next 45 years. Looking back though, I’ve had many coping techniques, this is just the most recent.

Like the time I thought Anne of Green Gables was the answer. You have three boys that like you, actually they don’t even have to like you. You just have to like them. Which is your Gilbert? Of your friends, which is the Diana of your crew? You know, looking back, my Anne phase was probably my longest. I started that one in high school and it followed me through to college. Yes, I was a late bloomer, but thinking about this makes me wonder how deluded you have to be to rely on a fictional character to get you through life. Maybe it wasn’t so dire as that..maybe it was more a matter of living in a fantasy world because it was less intimidating that the real one? Who knows?

Getting back to Buddha though…perhaps life is one big coping skill, or maybe the Buddha was right in saying that the only true religion is kindness. Kindness and humor haven’t always been my friends; well maybe kindness has, but humor was a hard fought life lesson. Anyway kindness and humor seem to be what get me through.

So today as I start my foray into blogging, I chose to write about life, through a humorous lense of course. Oh-and I promise to remember about the kindness thing too. Who knows, maybe this will last, or maybe this will be the next step in my coping skill progression…

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