Corn Dog Anyone?

I can’t remember when my fetish for corn dogs began. At least since I’ve been a Mom, but probably before. Blame it on my Texas roots, but there’s nothing better than a deep-fried corn dog on a stick. It’s my favorite guilty pleasure. The problem is that not just any corn dog will do. I guess you could call me a corn dog snob.
I’ve spent years hunting for the perfect one. Sonic? Forget it. Kids menu’s in restaurants? Please, I’d swear those come from the frozen food section of supermarkets. That place in the mall food courts? Nope. Street fairs and markets? We’re getting closer, but not quite.
Then in the fall of 2007 my husband and I began planning our first trip to Disneyland with our 3 children, all aged 5 and under at the time. Amidst all our planning and excitement someone mentioned the Little Red Wagon at the end of Main Street. Little Red Wagon, hmm? I made a mental note and moved on with the planning.
We arrived at the park during the Christmas Season. There were rides to ride, parades to see, and character breakfast’s to attend. It was beginning to feel like we hadn’t booked enough time for this adventure. On the second day my youngest, then 4 months old, needed a diaper change and I’d run out of diapers. It took me forever to find the baby room tucked so neatly in a back corner near the end of Main Street. Stopping for a minute to make the change, I realized how famished I was. I’d been all over Disneyland, every distinct district, at least twice that day. When I walked out of the baby room there it was, right in front of me, the Little Red Wagon. Maybe it was the cold, drizzly day or maybe it was the fact that I hadn’t eaten since breakfast, who knows? All I knew was that it was the best corn dog I’d ever had! Just the right amount of cornbread to hot dog. I was in heaven.
We’ve been back to Disneyland several times since then and my children, now 15, 14 and 10, all know that we will be making at least one stop, maybe two, at the Little Red Wagon during our visits.
Today, as my family and I get ready to traverse to Disneyland over the 4th of July, I am looking forward to corn dog utopia. As a matter of fact I’ve been thinking about nothing else lately.

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