My Lyrica Moment

We’ve been going to Disneyland for years. It’s everyone’s favorite place so we were doing it annually for a while. This year, On the eve of our 13th family vacation to Disneyland I am reminded of another trip to the Happiest Place on Earth, and much like this trip it was over 4th of July week.
I remember because that was the summer I turned 40, and in my crazy mid-life crisis phase, decided that I needed to get braces. The kids were 10, 9, and 5 at the time and I was always rounding them up. I wouldn’t call myself a helicopter mom, but I had this fear that some crazy force would take these amazing creatures from me so I needed them in my sight at all times. This was also around the time that I had started taking blood pressure medicine, but I’m sure the two are not connected.
We were pros at the nuances of maneuvering Disneyland by this time. Back in our room from a day in the parks, we were getting ready for bed. The kids were bathed, and tucked in, we had room service paperwork filled out and hanging on the hotel room door, and we’d set a wake up call for 5:15. This would ensure a quick shower in the morning, coffee before we left, and plenty of time to get the kids to the early Disneyland Park entry @ 7 am.
At 5:15 on the dot Mickey called us on the hotel phone with a bright, cheery “Good Morning”. Hanging up, I stumbled out of bed and headed to the bathroom. I would take my shower and get dressed while my husband woke up and waited for room service. Then he would take his shower while I had coffee and got the kids moving.
In and out of the shower in 5 minutes, I rushed around the bathroom. Deoderant, face moisturizer, lotion, clothes, meds, contacts, make up, done! Dressed and ready for the day, I opened the bathroom door and stepped out to trade places with my husband. It was then I realized that the pill I’d taken was not the normal white one, but an oblong red one.
Calling to KC I asked, “What does the red pill you take do?” “The red pill?” he answered. “That’s Lyrica, it’s a muscle relaxer, but I use it for the pinched nerve issue, why?” I told him what I had done. He shook his head and began trying to explain the effects of the medication. Finally he gave up, telling me that Lyrica wouldn’t hurt me, and that I would know when it kicked in.
That was that. We were off for our early entrance to Disneyland. The morning was great, but the park had started to get crowded by noon. This was usually my queue to begin rounding up the kids so we could maneuver the crowds as a group. It insured that no one got out of my sight.
Heading out of Fantasyland for another district in the park, My oldest two children apparently had rides they still wanted to ride. KC was pushing the stroller with our 5 year old in it when Jericho and Sadie Blue started bombarding me with questions. They wanted to do single rider spots on the Matterhorn, please, please, please? I looked at them, smiled and waved them off with a happy, “Sure, no problem”. Off they ran, disappearing into the crowd.
That’s when I realized the effects of Lyrica. It relaxes you, eases stress and anxiety, clouds your mind in a hippie vibe kind of way.
Ever since that day, when I start to feel myself getting stressed over some uncontrollable situation, I remember my “Lyrica Moment” and laugh. As for my blood pressure medicine, I was able to stop taking that shortly after the trip. My conclusion? We all need a “Lyrica Moment” in our lives, especially if it helps us acknowledge our anxiety and immediately put it in it’s rightful place.

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