Choosing My Religion

Rather than go to church, I tend to spend my Sunday mornings eating chocolate croissants and contemplating religion. This is not a new thing. I’ve been doing it for years; even before my kids were born. Actually it was more important then because I wanted to pick the right environment to bring them up in.
Being the well educated librarian that I am, I know all about information literacy and tend to use highly qualified, peer reviewed, and vetted resources to do this research. Belief-O-Matic by is a favorite. This resource is spot on. Just a short 20 question survey and I get amazing insight into the best religious fits for me. Over the years I gotten mixed results. Things like Liberal Quakerism, Taoism, Unitarian Universalism, Secular Humanism, and when I’m feeling particularly reverent-Liberal Christian Protestantism.
While I have dabbled with Unitarian Universalism, Lutheranism [ELCA], Episcopalian, and Buddhism, in the end it seems that I have chosen to live my religious life on the fringes. This is mostly because I could never commit to taking my family to a place that I couldn’t fully get behind in my own head. I wanted to raise them with morals, a strong sense of right and wrong, and a desire to stand up for the voiceless, but I also wanted them to understand and be excepting of other religious paths. There were Christmas services, christian pre-schools, vacation bible schools, and my youngest even attended Awana for a year. There were also talks about karma, meditation, and the only true religion being kindness.
I’ve had missteps, like when my youngest came home from Awana talking about walking to the big “ T ” on the hill, or when my oldest drank all the water from the bedtime cup to teach his sister a lesson in karma. Overall though, I think I’ve done a pretty good job. Right from wrong? They’ve got that one down. Morals? I think we are on a good path. Speaking up for the voiceless? Definitely! The trouble is getting them to be quiet sometimes.
So, as I sit here on yet another Sunday contemplating religion, I’ll stand behind my original choices. Oh, and today my Belief-O-Matic result came back as Neo-Paganism.

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