And Then There Was Coffee

Monday night I accidentally broke the coffee carafe while washing it out. I was scrubbing the inside of the pot and barely bumped it on the countertop. The next thing I knew, there was a chunk of glass at the bottom of the sink. Well shoot! Now what?

I contemplated it for a minute and realized that the coffee machine was fairly new. I didn’t want to replace that so it made sense to just replace the carafe, but how? Most stores don’t just sell a carafe. That’s when I thought of Amazon. I checked online and sure enough they had one. They could get it to me tomorrow? Done deal! It was ordered and paid for in two minutes.

Tomorrow rolled around and I woke up feeling lethargic. Why? Stumbling out of bed, I headed down stairs. My morning ritual is to drink a glass of lemon water while I set up the coffee pot for brewing. I filled the back of the pot, added the grounds, and turned it on. Then I got my lemon water and headed for my chair to read the morning news while the coffee brewed. 15 minutes later I still didn’t smell that lovely coffee aroma. Hmm, I got up to check it out. The machine had been unplugged. How weird? I reached for the plug and that’s when I saw that I had no carafe in the machine.

It was all coming back to me, and now I knew why I’d woken up lethargic. My subconscious knew I would get no coffee this morning. I thanked God that I’d unplugged the coffee pot last night, otherwise I’d be trying to clean up a huge mess with no morning coffee to get me through it.

Looking around, I tried to figure out what else I could drink. I had an electric teapot and some nice cream teas, so I put the kettle on. Paris Tea with sugar and milk, yum! What could be better than that?

Apparently coffee, because the tea just didn’t cut it. I ran to the local coffee shop, conveniently called The Coffee Shop, and ordered a caramel deluxe coffee, hot. Perfect! Just what I needed! I was ready to start the day.

By the end of the day my Amazon package still hadn’t arrived. What to do? I went and rechecked the confirmation email. Damn! The carafe wouldn’t be here until tomorrow. Now I had to get through another morning with no coffee.

Waking up Wednesday, I knew what I was in for; not only did I not have coffee, I also had a morning workout scheduled. AAGUH! I was beginning to hate the day and it hadn’t even started. I got my workout clothes on and headed downstairs for some lovely warm…lemon water. I did make a pot of Peach and Ginger Tea, but that was for my husband. He’s more of a coffee drinker than me, but I figured he might need some caffeine for the morning commute. After that I was out the door for my workout.

An hour later I pulled back into my driveway. Halfway into the garage I realized I had no coffee to look forward to…I backed out again and headed to The Coffee Shop.

 Later that afternoon I was cleaning my bathroom when the dogs went crazy and the doorbell rang. By the time I got the dogs in the garage and opened the front door, no-one was there.

No-one was there, but in the corner of my patio I spied a box, a box with Amazon’s logo on it. A smile spread across my face as I picked up that box. I knew what was in it and I couldn’t wait to open it, any excuse not to clean the bathroom, right? I quickly cleaned the carafe and set it in the coffee maker, ready for tomorrow. I was so excited that I actually got up earlier than normal the next morning.

I’m sure you’ve read those articles. You know, the ones’ that tell you to look forward to something each morning and it will help you get out of bed and start the day right. Well, now I know that one thing, at least for me, is Coffee.

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