The Happy Scrapper

So I’m not the best picture taker. I admit it. I prefer to do quick snaps, never posed. This gets me and my subjects back to the action faster. Unfortunately this also makes for some pretty bad visuals of a memory.
Today, as I sit here scrapping the last 6 months of family moments I am glaringly reminded of my failings at photography. I have friends who are amazing at it. The lady who lives across the street even has a studio in her home, but me, I am truly terrible. When people stop us places asking for a quick snap of their moment, I start to get nervous. My husband intuitively knows this and lovingly steps up to take their pictures, letting me off the hook.
If I’d just slow down, take a moment, I’d be better as a photographer, but in the time it takes to get the pose right, my subjects’ lose interest. That means I’ve just lost the spontaneousness of the moment. Then there’s my choice of camera. I tend to use my iPhone for everything. It’s handy and I always have it in my pocket, but even with all it’s advances the iPhone 7’s picture quality can be lacking. Where does this leave me? Fancy, expensive cameras I guess, but with them comes a whole other set of problems. Camera bags, lenses, tripods. I like to go light and don’t even carry a purse most days, how will I ever be able to remember all that stuff! It’d be like going back to the baby days when I had to carry diapers, bottles, baby wipes, changes of clothing, and a stroller. Ugh! No thanks.
I could enlist the help of my husband? Maybe I can entice him with a fancy camera? He has a better eye and more patience. It will be another way to connect and share life moments together; he can do the photography, I can do the writing. Until then, maybe I’ll just keep doing the picture taking that defines me. My scrapbooks won’t be perfect, but who cares? Year’s from now they will be memories for my family, flaws and all. Isn’t that really more reflective of life anyway?

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