Shared Interests

When I met my husband he had a nice little record collection going. I loved music too but had never really been exposed to records. When we married and began the process of merging two apartments in to one small 600 square foot space, the records ended up being a casualty of downsizing.
As our lives together grew we started finding more things we had in common, and some things we didn’t. He was an avid movie buff, me not so much. We both loved books, but had completely different tastes. I loved children’s literature, character driven fiction, philosophy, and world religion, he loved true crime, suspense, and history of any type.
Moving to Phoenix and starting a family left us little time to pursue our shared interests, but when our young family began growing older, my husband and I started venturing out and exploring again. One morning at a garage sale he ran across a box of records. You could see a flash of interest flicker across his face as he delved into that box. Looking back, that’s the moment it all started.
Slowly my husband began buying bulk records, bringing them home, listening to them, and deciding what he wanted and what he didn’t. Eventually we had to start an eBay store just to sell the records he didn’t want for his own collection. During this time my husband also began searching for music he thought I’d like-having me listen to the records with him. Before I knew it, I’d been sucked into his world. We now have a record collection 1000 strong.
About two years ago, being the good librarians that we were, we started organizing our collection into genres. It worked well, most categories are easily searchable, but within the Rock category we have a big mess. There are so many nuances. By making one all encompassing section we now have Bob Dylan, Depeche Mode, and Deep Purple or Tears For Fears, George Thorogood, and James Taylor in close proximity to one another. This may be fine for the alphabetical brain, but it makes for some very confusing searches when you are looking for a specific sound. In my mind the simple solution would be to break out the Rock section by decade, KC agreed.
However, deciding something and acting on it are two very different things. Besides, there seemed to be a lot of prep work involved before we could even get to the re-cataloging piece. First we had to finish weeding the current collection to make space for new things. That’s one pile. Then there were the already listened to and graded piles of records that needed to be filed into the existing collection, that’s piles two and three. Finally, there were the piles and piles of yet to be heard records that my husband kept buying. I can’t even count these because he has them in specific piles that only he understands.
This is where we are now, piles everywhere and rearranging on hold indefinitely. The records have slowly taken over the record room and are threatening to spill into the living room.
I use to stress about the lack of order, but recently I’ve begun accepting it. I’m tired of fighting it, and I’ve come to the conclusion that maybe it’s not so much a “water everywhere” Coleridge philosophy but more of an “It’s the journey not the destination” Emerson thing.
Chaos isn’t always bad, or at least that’s what I keep telling myself. This record thing is something that my husband and I literally stumbled upon and then found a shared interest in, so we’ve decided to embrace the craziness and enjoy the journey. Who knows where it will take us, but along the way we meet some interesting people and get to listen to some pretty good music. That’s the kind of shared interest I can embrace.

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