Soul Searching

Driving in the car with my daughter the other day, we got to talking about Buddhism. This is a topic I find myself discussing often. To me buddhist philosophy is intriguing. I have even incorporated some key elements into my own walk on this Earth.
In this particular conversation, I mentioned off handedly that reincarnation was one thing I didn’t understand. This may be a crazy thought, but follow my logic for a minute. Each person has a soul. The worlds’ human population has exploded in the past century or so. Where were all these extra souls before now? I’ve thought a lot about it over the years. In my linear brain it doesn’t make sense. If there are too many bodies and not enough souls, how can reincarnation happen? My daughter seemed unfazed by the complexities of my problem. She contemplated things for a minute, then simply said, “Mom insects would come back too. All life forms would.”
“Well, that explains all the stupid people in the world. ” I said it without thinking. It just kind of came out. It was funny. We both laughed. As I sit here typing though, I have to wonder, did I just tempt fate? I mean I don’t actually believe in reincarnation and neither does my daughter, but by mocking karma did I also just provoke her?
I try very hard to be mindful, use kindness as my one true religion, and meditate on a regular basis. These are all buddhist teachings. One’s that may actually help a soul find enlightenment, but I may have just annoyed karma. In my next life, she may decide to send me back as a grasshopper and that makes me a little nervous.

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