My OTF Life

We started on a whim. KC thought it could be like date night and it was definitely healthier than our pub visits. Fast forward six months and I haven’t quit yet…pretty unbelievable!

What’s more unbelievable is that I’m thinking about moving up to an unlimited membership, now that’s something I certainly never thought I’d do!

The funny thing is I’m not sure what to attribute this change in lifestyle to? Maybe it’s because I crossed that mid-life stage where I want to be healthier, happier, and more in shape. Maybe it’s because I find the classes invigorating. Maybe it’s the coach because he offers the right amount of encouragement and autonomy. Quite possibly it’s a combination of all three. Whatever the reason, I’m committed.

That’s not to say that I haven’t had my doubts or embarrassing moments. Early on, after one particularly brutal leg workout, I remember groaning whenever I sat down or went up the stairs in my house. There was also that time where I slightly peed myself doing power jacks with weights, I blame that on my 3 time pregnancy/mom bladder, but still I kept going.

Why you ask? Because something about these work-outs felt right, and I missed the them when I didn’t go. After my Texas road trip, as I tried to squeeze in my unused classes before I lost them, something happened…

I booked myself a last minute class just because I wanted to. Even more telling, I stole one of KC’s unused workouts; going so far as wearing his heart-rate monitor to class. That’s when I knew I’d turned a corner. If I was willing to take classes that weren’t even mine then maybe, just maybe, it was time to up the membership.

I talked to my coach and asked his opinion on a workout schedule. He was super enthusiastic and laid out a plan…three days a week doing fifty minutes of weights/cardio, and two days a week doing fifty minutes of just cardio.

Whoa? Wait a minute? In my mind I had a slightly different scenario, three days a week of weights/cardio, with MAYBE an occasional thirty minute cardio session thrown in if I had the time. Plans are on hold for now as I ponder the commitment I could be making.

Do I? Don’t I? I don’t want to burn myself out, but I do like the idea of getting healthy. I go back and forth in my in my mind…welcome to my OTF life! It’s a roller coaster ride, but I’m loving every minute.

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