#onmymind: The Drunken Ship

I’ve been following the travels of some good friends. They are touring Europe and have been posting their exploits on Facebook. I love seeing this kind of post. It feels like I’m right there with them on their travels. Recently they posted images from Italy. I’ve been liking posts as I see them, but when they got to Rome I had to comment.

My husband, his best friend, and I traveled to Europe sixteen something years ago and we went to Rome as well. Along with tourist places like Trevi Fountain and Piazza Navona we stopped at a pub called The Drunken Ship. It was located in Campo de Fiori, but that’s all I remember from the night…well, that and the taxi cab ride back to our hostel.

The taxi ride stands out because I ended up with the hiccups enroute and the cab driver, thinking it was funny, would hiccup every time I did. Between the echo of hiccups and a constant swerving through the streets of Rome, it was one crazy night that now resides in my reservoir of happy memories. Thanks Leticia and Todd for finding and photographing the pub, and for bringing that night back in such a pleasant way. Enjoy your travels. I can’t wait to hear all about them when you return.

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